All on one Dock

udoq is the first docking station worldwide, organizing mobile devices of all brands and all generations. Connect udoq with your computer, your original chargers or an additional multi-port USB charger.

Full operation

The patented udoq connector cables are inserted from the side, and positioned in the desired order. All Mobile devices can be docked side by side with one hand and simultaneously operated 100%.

Timeless and compatible

udoq is available in various lengths and can be configured freely with udoq connector cables. The slidable and exchangeable udoq connector cables allow udoq to adapt to your constantly changing mobile devices.

Fits with bumper

udoq connector cables can be adjusted in 4 steps inside the adapters to fit mobile devices with protection cases. This patented adjustability works with protection cases up to 8mm thickness.

Tidy and charged

udoq is an elegant organizer for all mobile devices and eliminates the search for cables and chargers. Once installed, each mobile device has its fixed place.

Fully visible

udoq presents mobile devices in a perfect angle, to operate them sitting or standing. Music, Pictures, news or the cooking recipe are always in full view.

All connections ready

At home or in the hotel room, udoq always offers the required connector to charge smartphone, tablet, etc. Over 90% of all mobile devices are compatible with udoq connector cables.

Lateral thinking

udoq is prepared for all mobile devices. The precisely adjustable U-adapter allows to dock mobile devices with asymmetrical positioned charging socket stable and horizontal.


I highly recommend this charger. Its very solid and i believe it lasts longer then any of my phones. Good, you offer a plug for the iPhone 4 too.

I received the udoq today. Looks really good, fits perfectly in our bookshelf. My wife is excited too. I´m not sure if our children will love it because they will have to put their smartphones in the udoq every evening…  Great product, wish you all the best for capturing the market with udoq!

Hi marcus, we received our udoq today. All is neat and tidy now. Good bye Kabelsalat! Thanks!

Got mine this Tuesday! It is perfection!

Great product! Top Design. The T cable is old stuff, why do you offer it?

What a great product! Never seen something like this before. The side by side style is unique and offers great function. I could also dock my battery packs. COOL STUFF

Great Invention! We where searching for this solution for a long time. Everything is lined up with udoq. A missing Phone is easy to spot! Can you please offer a longer version?

udoq is the only docking station in the world that accepts mobile devices of every brand and generation and keeps everything in. Connect udoq to your computer, to your original chargers, or to an additional multiple USB power adapter. udoq is the first universal charging station for mobile phones, allowing all mobile devices and tablets of every brand and every generation to be charged simultaneously. The patented system as a docking station for mobile phones and tablets is available in various widths – from the udoq variant udoq250, udoq400, udoq550 and udoq700. Mobile phones from Apple iPhone to Samsung or tablets from iPad to Galaxy can be loaded simultaneously in a cnc-milled aluminum rail. The patented udoq charging cables are inserted and positioned laterally in the desired order in the udoq. All mobile devices can be plugged side by side with one hand while being 100% operated. The mobile charging cables are invisibly stowed in the rail – no more clutter and no unnecessary searching for chargers. udoq charging cables can be adjusted 4-fold in height within the adapters to accommodate even mobile devices with different protective covers. This patented adjustment compensates for cases with up to 8mm wall thickness.

You can also order the universal charging station for mobile phones directly for Apple mobile phones and smartphones under udoq Apple or the universal mobile charging station for Android mobile phone under udoq Android. You can also configure your udoq as a universal cell phone docking station, combining different cell phones and tablets of different brands, just as you wish. The Universal Mobile Charging Station by udoq is unique, beautiful, patented and you no longer have any cable clutter.